Jesicris Diputado Bato (most commonly known as JC) was born in Fountain Valley and later moved to Mission Viejo where he began dancing as a Hip Hop Freestyler competing in solo dance competitions. The free-styling foundation became the basis of his dance philosophy that then carried into his choreography career at the age of twelve. Performing became his new passion as he began to choreograph with early influences from Wade Robinson to Marty Kudelka. In high-school he became well known as a freestyle hip hop dancer and began a club called Urban Legends to further express his passion. As a president and coach for the team he brought the culture of Hip Hop to Tesoro High school performing alongside the award-winning cheer and color guard teams. In college he co-founded the Hip Hop dance crew Boomkaz and is currently a director of two growing dance projects in Anaheim. He plans to inspire all he can with what he has learned transitioning from freestyle to choreography, and how it has contributed to his success as a dancer, and preserve his philosophy of "dancing with the heart.”