Good Morning Sunshine!

If that was the first thing you heard when you woke up every morning, wouldn’t your day start with a bit more happiness and positivity? I think yes! That’s what you can do for yourself every single day. How? Eat breakfast. Even if you do not feel hungry, your body and brain need breakfast.

Why? Well, for one thing a good breakfast helps to maintain a healthy weight. Your metabolism gets going and you’ll have more energy for physical activities. And, your memory is better and that’s a great thing as we get older.
Children who eat a healthy breakfast tend to do better in school. They are less irritable and tired. They won’t be going to see the school nurse with a stomach ache or headache from lack of nutrition. If a child skips breakfast, they could have intellectual and behavioral problems from the inability to concentrate. Thought, speech and reaction time slows to a grinding halt.

So what’s good? Make a list of foods you like. Or what your child likes. Who says it has to be the typical breakfast cereal? It doesn’t. Anything with protein, whole grains, fiber and calcium will be just fine. Do some preparations the night before and wake up 10 minutes earlier to have enough time to relax and enjoy your first meal of the day. It is worth it!

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