Mmm Cinnamon!

imagesWho doesn’t love the smell and taste of cinnamon? Not to mention the warm comforting feelings associated with cinnamon especially during Autumn. If I smell or taste this spice, I immediately feel more relaxed and happy. Cinnamon changes anything and anyplace that is ordinary in to something or someplace special. Such a simple thing. But it is quite an extraordinary spice!

It is believed that a certain type of cinnamon may lower blood sugar in people who suffer from diabetes. Cinnamon may also help lower cholesterol. Some studies prove cinnamon to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. While studies are mixed as to how effective cinnamon can improve a person’s health, no one can deny the value of happiness it brings.
To me, that is the best benefit of all!

So try a little in your morning coffee or cereal. Maybe light a cinnamon scented candle at work or home. However you choose to enjoy cinnamon, I’m sure that moment will be special and in that moment you will be happy.

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